What awaits me in Esztergom?

Esztergom Castle Museum

In the Esztergom Castle, we can take part in an exciting journey through time, where we can wander among the values left behind by centuries.

Basilica of Esztergom

In terms of dimensions, the Esztergom Basilica is the largest church building in Hungary, it is 100 meters high from the lower church to the sphere of the dome.

Aqua Island Esztergom

If you have time, spend a whole day in the spa, as the pampering services of the pools, slides and wellness department offer beautification, refreshment and true relaxation.

Hungarian Museum of Environmental Protection and Water Affairs

The Danube Museum's new permanent exhibition, Vízeum, which presents the past and present of water management, was awarded the title of exhibition of the year in 2020.

Little Danube Promenade

The promenade connects the main tourist areas of the city, the historic Esztergom with the Széchenyi Square, the Water City with the Basilica and the Castle Hill.

Cathedral Library of Esztergom – Biblitoheca

The Bibliotheca in Esztergom is one of the largest church libraries in our country. Wandering among the codices and bibles, we can come across an ancient printing press of King Matthias, the Lövöldi corvina.


APRIL 2023

Lampionos Hajós Felvonulás

Akkor és Most Jármű Expó
April 29-30, 2023

JUNE 2023

Múzeumok Éjszakája

June 24, 2023



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