Bridge Festival and Bridge Run

The Mária Valéria bridge, built in 1895, was blown up in both the First and Second World Wars.

First in 1927, then after the second explosion, it was rebuilt more than 50 years later, in 2001. Since then, the people of Esztergom and Párkány celebrate the day of the bridge’s inauguration every year.

The Esztergom Carriage Amateur Sports Association and the Municipal Cultural Center Párkány will bring the joy of running to the Mária Valéria bridge again this year. On September 23, in addition to the large-scale 4-kilometer bridge run, a half-marathon and a quarter-marathon are also organized on September 24.

What is new is that on September 23, we intend to bring together the residents of the two banks of the Danube with an identity-strengthening program called “Breakfast on the Bridge”. Tables with one chair will be placed on the bridge, and according to the theme, a public or civil figure from Esztergom and Párkán will sit at the tables, so that they can have breakfast together and talk about their experiences across the border through the bridge.

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