The MCC Fest starts on August 1

The MCC Fest will be held in Esztergom for the fourth time between August 1st and 3rd. Last year, the festival attracted a total of 47,000 visitors, who were able to take part 120 stage programs, meet with 250 professional speakers and visit 100 exhibitors. This year, the MCC is raising the level even higher: visitors can expect higher-quality programs, the best professional performers, and the top of Hungarian music life. As in previous years, the vast majority of the programs can be visited free of charge, and the three-day pass completes the festival experience.

At the event organized by the largest talent management institution of the Carpathian Basin (Mathias Corvinus Collegium), in addition to an overview of current issues of politics and economy, festival-goers interested in culture, history, gastronomy, and even e-sports and style are offered an opportunity to restore with the help of leading domestic and foreign authorities. The professional panel discussions will cover, among other things, the challenges and opportunities of the multipolar world order, the American and European Union elections, the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, as well as the effects of the green transition on the economy and society.

The wide range of international speakers is strengthened by Peter Frankopan, director of the Byzantine Research Center at Oxford University, author of the world-famous Silk Roads book series, Kai Diekmann, former editor-in-chief of Welt am Sonntag and Bild-Zeitung, and Chris Rufo, researcher of the Harvard plagiarism scandal and defender of academic integrity. In addition, guests of the festival will be, among others, Armin Petschner-Multari, head of digital communication of the CSU faction of the German Bundestag, Matt Goodwin, professor of political science at the University of Kent, author of one of the UK’s largest Substack platforms, Chaya Raichik, a leader in the fight against classroom activism, founder of Libs of TikTok and writer C. Raja Mohan, one of India’s best-known experts on foreign policy. Additionally, Phillip Linderman, a former State Department official, board member of the Center for Immigration Studies, and one of the founders of the International Network for Immigration Research (INIR), Dan Schnur, California’s best-known political consultant, UC Berkley professor, and Lauren Chen, cultural and a reckless opinion leader on political topics, an influencer with a reach of several million.

The best of the Hungarian light music scene is also represented at the MCC Festival. Visitors of the festival can meet famous performers and bands such as Follow the Flow, Margaret Island, Blahalouisiana, Tankcsapda, Majka, Valmar, Balkán Fanatik, Budapest Bar, Irie Maffia, as well as Csík Zenekar, Random Trip, Paulina and Parno Graszt. In addition, artists and bands that are particularly popular among young people will be represented at the event, so those who are interested can meet Viktória Metzker, Lili Regán, Jauri as well as Pixa and Lofti Begi & Friends. Nox, Mehringer, 4S Street, Kacaj, Kultúrkör, Márton Hangácsi, Zsolt Szivak will also perform at the festival, and the list of performers will be strengthened by Yamina, Andro, Willcox, Szeresd a Trashem Bébi and Erős vs. Spiggyboy. Those who are interested in folk music will have fine program as well this year, in the Suzuki Folk Tent Bence Pálházi and his band, András Nagy Csomor and his band, the Tűz lángja band and the Fanfara Complexa will ensure a good atmosphere, and the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble will also perform.

At the 2024 MCC Fest, the training programs of the talent management institution will also be presented, as well as numerous partner organizations will be represented on the Edu Promenade, where the organizers also hold family programs during the day.

By purchasing the MCC Fest Pass, you can complete the experience of the festival again this year. With the pass, you can use the festival bus between the Esztergom train station and the venue of the event, as well as the Szent István Strandfürdő, for free. They also provide free camping, and even discounted prices are available from some caterers. Like last year’s event, the Edu promenade, part of the professional programs during the day and part of the evening music programs will also be free to visit this year.

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The MCC Fest starts on August 1

The MCC Fest will be held in Esztergom for the fourth time between August 1st and 3rd. Last year, the festival attracted a total of 47,000 visitors, who were able to take part 120 stage programs, meet with 250 professional

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