Saint Adalbert Event Centre

The history of the Saint Adalbert Event Center is several times suitable for a film. The more than 150-year-old building was designed by József Hild next to the Basilica, the Old Seminary originally housed minor priests. After the Second World War, it functioned as a Soviet military hospital, then the square in front of the building and the Dark Gate were also the main site of the 1956 revolution in Esztergom.

The extremely dilapidated building was returned to the church only in 1990, and was completely renovated in 2006. Today it functions as a scientific, cultural, educational and event center. There is also a self-service restaurant in the building every day of the week.

A Latin inscription ‘Pietati et scientiis’ can be read on its facade, meaning ‘To piety and the sciences’. The large-scale (2.8×6 meters) painted by artist Ernő Jeges, entitled “The Entry of Tamás Bakócz to Rome”, can be seen in the Reception Hall. The facade facing the Basilica is classicist, while the side facing the Danube also has romantic style features.

In the past, the Seminary was also accessible from Castle Hill via a cast-iron bridge. This bridge was also called the “Bridge of Sighs” because the future priests sighed a lot before entering the institution, which is famous for its strictness.


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