Slovakian Country House

The country house is closed indefinitely due to technical reasons.

Adult: HUF 500
Student, Pensioner: HUF 250

The building with the typical floor plan and shape of the mountain villages inhabited by Slovaks from Pilis, was declared a monument in 1994, and its renovation lasted until 2001. The establishment of the village museum was the idea of retired teacher Ida Kunczius, who worked tirelessly on its implementation from the first minute.
In the village museum of one of the smallest villages in the country, in the house that introduces Slovak folk architectural traditions, we can find the following interesting things:

  • the “clean room” and the kitchen can be admired in their original state
  • there are local history materials and archaeological finds in the house
  • in the pantry and the stable, we can see economic tools

Aunty Ida Kunczius’ collection of dolls in Pilisszentlélek folk costumes is worth mentioning, her fame has spread beyond the borders of the village and the region: the simplest material for women’s clothing was blue-dyed linen, white unembroidered prusliks were worn over their blouses on weekdays. Their main tie was called chepco/chepec.
The young women carried their children on their backs in the “odevachka”, a 2 meter long, 70-80 cm wide white linen shawl.
Men’s shirts were made of linen, they preferred breeches. They wore hats in the summer and winter caps.


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