Hungarian Museum of Environmental Protection and Water Affairs

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Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00

Full-price entrance ticket: HUF 1,400
Family ticket: HUF 700/person
Discounted entrance ticket: HUF 700/person
(from the age of 6, at least two persons under the age of 18 over the age of 62,
accompanying close relative – max. 2 people)
Group adult ticket: HUF 1,000/person
Museum class, session: HUF 400/person

The Danube Museum’s new permanent exhibition, Vízeum, which presents the past and present of water management, was awarded the title of exhibition of the year in 2020.
The exhibition offers the following points of interest: it illustrates the use of the power of water, processes of regulation of rivers; presents shipping-related specialties and ship models; deals with the history of bathing, the Danube, Lake Balaton, mineral waters and the history of soda water; climate changes and its effects are presented with the most modern tools and data, for example we can find out how our earth’s water resources are changing.
Did you know?
In 1790, the Hungarian royal crown and coronation badges spent a night in the Danube Museum building when the jewels were transported from Vienna to Buda.
The first steamboat on the Danube was launched in 1830, departing from Vienna to Bratislava and then to Pest, making its first trip in 15 hours.
After the expulsion of the Turks, many German families were settled in the vicinity of Esztergom. Most of them arrived on the Danube on a specific type of ship, the Ulm box type ship, which got its mocking name from a box-like structure built on a ship’s hull. The 1:50 scale model of the box ship can be admired together with many other ship models in the Danube Museum.


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