Aqua Island Esztergom

Monday-Sunday: 9:00-20:00

All-day ticket prices:
Adult: 4900 HUF
Elderly, student, children from age of 3: 3000 HUF
Wellness ticket: 2800 HUF
Combined ticket (SPA + Wellness): 5800 HUF
Sauna seance ticket/person/occassion: 800 HUF
Sauna sheets/pcs: 300 HUF

All-day family ticket prices:
Family entrance ticket (1 adult + 1 child): 6300 HUF
Family entrance ticket (1 adult + 2 children): 7800 HUF
Family entrance ticket (1 adult + 3 children): 9600 HUF
Family entrance ticket (2 adults + 1 child): 9000 HUF
Family entrance ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 10500 HUF
Family entrance ticket (2 adults + 3 children): 12000 HUF

Afternoon discounted ticket prices:
Adult after 4 PM: 3000 HUF
Elderly, student, children from age of 3 after 4 PM: 2000 HUF
Combined ticket (SPA + Wellness) after 4 PM: 4400 HUF
Last minute ticket after 6 PM: 2200 HUF

Discounted group ticket prices:
Group of adults above 20 person: 3500 HUF
Group of elderly, student, children above 20 person: 1800 HUF

The Aqua Island wellness and experience spa opened its doors in 2005 on the Primates Island. A total of 11 outdoor and indoor pools await visitors in the complex, which covers 1.8 hectares.

The adventure pool is equipped with slides, a rolling corridor, a climbing wall, a geyser, neck cascade, waterfalls, water mushrooms, boiling, whirlpools, and side massage.

The indoor children’s pool with a water-sprinkling clown and a mini-slide gives the little ones a special experience.

In addition to the Finnish, herbal, infrared and rose saunas, the wellness department offers experience showers, a relaxation bubble pool, Kneipp treadmill, hammam, and massage for those who want to relax.

In the summer season, it is also possible to play outdoor sports (beach volleyball, beach soccer) and use the huge playground. The outdoor area is open during the summer season between May 1 and August 31. During the winter season, the swimming pool and the outdoor relaxation pool can be used through the outdoor swimming pools. In its indoor area, in addition to the adventure pools, there are giant slides, a restaurant, cafe and bar, changing rooms, washrooms, and rest beds are available for guests.


If you have time, spend a whole day in the spa, because in addition to the experiences provided by the pools and slides, the pampering services of the wellness department also offer beautification, refreshment and true relaxation.

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