Michael Melocco: The Coronation of Saint Stephen

On Castle Hill, on the Northern Bastion, we find Micheal Melocco’s imposing work of art, which depicts the coronation of our first Hungarian king Saint Stephen. The masterpiece, with its size and beauty, is already noticeable from afar to those arriving by boat on the Danube. But if we start from the basilica towards the rondella, the sculptural composition that emerges on the walkway with Cat Steps is breathtaking.
It was inaugurated on August 15, 2001, the anniversary of King István’s death.
The 12-meter-high statue is made of Süttő limestone. Stephen kneeling receives the crown sent from Rome by Archbishop Domonkos. Pope Sylvester II intended this jewel for the future Polish king, but before the Hungarian ambassador Astrik arrived in Rome, the archangel Gabriel appeared in the pope’s dream. The angel encouraged Sylvester to give the crown to the Hungarian ambassador. Astrik thus returned to Esztergom in time and on Christmas 1000 (now dated to January 1, 1001) the first Hungarian king was crowned.

Walking around the bastion, we can admire many things. If you look up at the dome, you can feel the 100-meter height of the basilica, which makes the cathedral in Esztergom the tallest building in the country. Looking down towards the Elizabeth Park, we can see the part of the Turkish Empire at the time with the westernmost Mosque, and the Veprech Tower, where you can also admire the model of the medieval János Vitéz water machine. But you can see the city panorama in front of the surrounding mountains with the Round Church, Aquabath, Water Town church and Island, Mária Valéria bridge, without the need for completeness.


If you want to discover the many wonders of history, the Castle Museum and the Basilica will introduce you the many events of the Hungarian chronicle spanning several centuries. Walking down from the bastion via the Cats Steps, you can reach the beautiful Little Duna promenade, the island or the city center in a few minutes.

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