The Island Peak and Country Flag

Primates Island gets wider and wider towards the city from the southwest, its shape most resembles an acute triangle. Sharper tip is a real floodplain, with natural plant cover. The widening, the other end of the island, is the Island Peak, from which we can get an unique panoramic view if we slowly turn around our own axis.

The beautiful sights follow each other, we can see the Castle Hill with the Basilica, the Great Danube with the Mária Valéria Bridge, the ridge of the mountains that surround the city, but we can also see the Coal Loader, called the “Imperial Walker”, which emerges from the stream and takes care of the island’s flora and fauna and animal world.

Seasonally, several luxury hotel ships dock at pontoon 2 of the Esztergom marina every day, and the maneuvers attract curious people.

After a pleasant walk, you can linger around the National Flag and the Trianon monument, in addition to the shaded seats, there is also a playground for families.

But we don’t even have to go far if we want to grab a refreshment or even a lunch.

The originator of the national flag movement was the pain of Trianon, and it was based on the recognition that belongs to the same nation remains together even if the communities are separated from each other by borders. Thus, the means of expressing national unity in the cities of truncated Hungary became a column on which a Hungarian flag was placed at half-mast.

The founder of the movement was Nándor Urmánczy, the Transylvanian politician of Armenian origin, member of parliament, the “uncompromising Hungarian”, who announced the National Flag Movement in 1925.


If you arrive at the Island Peak after a walk in the city, you can relax in the pleasant breeze of the Danube and take wonderful pictures of the beauty of the landscape and the northern side of the Castle Hill, looking behind the Elizabeth Park.

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