The Esztergom Advent Fair opens with musical Christmas trees and ice rink

The Esztergom Advent Fair will open its doors on December 1st, where the Simor János pedestrian street will return to its usual location of previous years – Széchenyi square – so real Advent city walk will entertain you in the historic city center.

This year, in addition to the usual spectacular outdoor installations and string lights that surround the entire city center, something new is getting ready: enjoy the Advent music trees, in which you can listen to the most popular Christmas songs from the 80s and to the modern style. So, in addition to today’s modern, better-known melodies, we can also feel the nostalgia of the most beautiful childhood memories with the old times Christmas songs.

From December 1 to January 7, Széchenyi Square has a half-thousand-square-meter artificial ice rink and equipment rentals every day, and a special event is also being prepared for those who like ice sports, as ice hockey, curling demonstration days and ice dance shows also color the atmosphere of the program. Thinking of younger generation, musical ice party with a DJ every Friday night will be organized, but in addition, more than 50 Advent programs in the city will be hold until December 24.

This year’s Esztergom Advent Fair will stand out for its gastronomic diversity and quality, in addition to the constantly renewing craft offerings: you can taste artisanal hamburgers, smoked dishes, horn cakes made with a Transylvanian recipe, chestnut stalls with a unique atmosphere, punches, and a huge selection of hot drinks!

Traditionally, a special and unique Advent performance opens the waiting period on December 2. The Esztergom Angel Game begins with angels appearing from the window of a historic building on Széchenyi Square and ends with a huge choir performance by the city’s schools. During the four holiday weekends, many free concerts and performances are planned, including the Operett-Musical Voices Company’s Christmas Angels performance, the Duka Jazz Session and the Jazzformers will perform, while local kindergarteners and schoolchildren will be treated to a Christmas show. This year, children will receive special attention in the program, as Alma Együttes, the Kiskalász Orchestra, Fruzsina Kovácsovics, and Masni és Pocó concerts await the families! Moreover, you are able to join a truly interactive walk, during which history becomes alive in the first city! The Babits couple in period costumes await visitors to take a joint Christmas trip through the most beautiful streets of Esztergom.

For up-to-date information, follow the Facebook page of the Esztergom Advent Fair! You can find the detailed programs on the website of Visit Esztergom!

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